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At SNCS we are focused and committed to building quality homes for our clients. These include single family houses, multifamily homes, townhomes, duplexes, quad plex, apartments, mobile home, pre-built houses, custom and pre-designed homes. Whatever your dream home is, we can build it for you.  Our skilled workers are experienced and capable of constructing all types of homes from new builds to remodels to renovations. Superior workmanship is central to all residential projects we do. We create safe and secure spaces for you and your loved ones.



We have experience and proficiency in small or light to mid-size commercial projects. Our commitment to integrity, honesty and quality workmanship make us valuable partners in any commercial construction project. Whether your commercial construction involves expanding, restructuring, structure updates, repairs, heritage rebuilding or remodeling, our teams are trained to handle it all. We’ve worked on various projects including accommodation buildings like hotels; institutional buildings such as schools or prisons; medical facilities; retail and grocery stores; and industrial structures. Superior workmanship is central to all commercial projects we do.